Whether you are going back to college or hitting the gym or even having a bad hair day, a ponytail always comes to your rescue. We show you a few ways in which you can jazz up this humble hairstyle, so that you can switch it up every time you wear it!

We have rounded up a few ponytail styles seen on international celebs, so, go ahead, scroll down and take your pick!


Bubble ponytail

For this look, gather your hair in a low ponytail at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band. Now, leaving one and a half inch, add another elastic band. Move down another 1 and half inches and add another band. Do this till you reach the end of your hair. Make sure to leave about three inches at the end. Now, gently tease out the hair from each section and pouf it out so it looks like a bubble.


Low side ponytail

This is a simple look, but looks very sophisticated. Gather all your hair into a low ponytail just behind your ear and secure it with a band, like Taylor Swift has.


Extra-long double ponytail

She has mid-length hair and yet rocks a full-volume ponytail that looks extra-long. How does Rihanna do it? It’s called a double ponytail, girls. You part your hair horizontally into two sections from ear to ear and tie the upper section of the hair into a ponytail (like a half-up, half-down). Now, gather all the hair from the lower section and tie it into a ponytail just below the first ponytail. Tease out the upper and lower ponytail to look fuller and messy. Still not sure? We have included a picture for your reference, take a look!


Sleek ponytail

Kim Kardashian has single-handedly made the sleek ponytail oh-so-popular. Just comb back all your hair into a ponytail and use hair spray to smooth out the stray and baby hair. You can go as high or as low with this style.


French-braid ponytail

Model Chrissy Teigen adds an element of interest to her ponytail by braiding a section of hair and taking it back into a ponytail.


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